11 Personality Tests for Hiring Awesome Talent (+ How to Choose the One for You)

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Do bad hires haunt you at night?

You're not alone. Even rockstar CEOs like Tony Hsieh have admitted to losing over $100 million on hiring the wrong people. Bad hires happen. But they don't have to.

Here are 11 personality assessment tools to help you find the right candidate every time. From the complex and customized to the science-backed and incredibly fast, there's a tool on here for every type of hiring pro.

1. AcuMax Index

Why do some of us thrive better in one work environment more than another?

According to the AcuMax Index, this is due to good old-fashioned hard wiring. This may sound slightly deterministic, but this short 5-minute assessment can help uncover how our innate wiring influences how we communicate, engage and process information. The AcuMax Index helps employers select candidates that are more likely to be a fit, both for the unique demands of the job profile and the overarching work culture.

Best for: Employers who want an assessment tool that drills deeper than character traits and situational responses. Perfect for companies that want to build high-performance teams and improve employee engagement.

2. Athena Assessment

Intellect and charisma may get you far, but without sound judgment you're less likely to stay at the top. That's according to the researchers behind the Athena Assessment. Instead of just focusing on personality, the Athena Quotient seeks to evaluate how strong our judgment is. And if track record is anything to go by, this tool does its job. The test has been used across all types of industries including healthcare, retail, construction, legal, banking, education, criminal, military, and technology.

Best for: Hiring pros who need insights about a candidate's ability to make the right call.

3) Berke Assessment

Each job is different and finding the right candidate can be a complex act of balancing many different variables. The Berke Assessment offers a mix and match approach that measures both personality and problem-solving traits. This tool is a favorite among Fortune 500s but it's straightforward enough to be used by businesses of any size.

Best for: Employers who are hip to the idea of human complexity and want an assessment method that can be tailored to their business needs.

4) Criteria Corp

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch SDR, or a customer service whizz, Criteria Corp offers employers a range of pre-employment personality tests to choose from. Designed by Harvard psychologists, the tests help you assess candidates for a variety of skills and attributes.

Best for: Start-ups, companies with less than 500 employees and busy employers who want a fast, insight-packed assessment.

5) HR Avatar

If you're tired of ticking boxes and would like some real-world insight, HR Avatar is the one for you. Their animated tests create a simulated workplace where candidates are assessed on how they deal with a range of real-life situations. The test measures cognitive ability, job knowledge, personality, work history and emotional intelligence. Each HR Avatar test is designed for a specific job, e.g., pilot, cashier or chief executive.

Best for: Hiring pros who want to be 100% sure a candidate will perform in a real-life job scenario.

6) Saberr

So you’ve found the perfect candidate. But will they fit in? Using predictive analytics, Saberr can help you assess whether a person is a good match for both the team, and the culture of the organization. By gathering information about personality and values, Saberr creates team profiles that can be cross-referenced against new candidates.

Best for: Recruiters who want to find out what makes a person awesome and who are determined to find a great cultural fit.

7) SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

Owned by CEB (now Gartner), this established workplace personality test is over 30 years old and is one of the most popular tools worldwide. Based on the idea that our behaviors impact our performance, the questionnaire aims to identify the suitability of a candidate against these factors. The assessment can be used at all levels from graduate, to management and all the way up to leadership.

Best for: Skeptical hiring pros who want to find talent using an established assessment technique.

8) Staff Geek

What would happen if you applied the principles of online dating to professional staffing? Just ask Staff Greek. The company uses what they call DNA model (Distinct Native Attributes) to find out how your company ticks. Then, by creating an ideal candidate profile, they match real people to the working cultures that suit them the best. Boasting 30 years industry experience, Staff Geek offers a surprisingly fresh-feeling approach to predicting job fit.

Best for: Employers looking for a longer-term approach to recruitment and want to start with a better understanding of their own needs and working culture.

9) The Predictive Index

Offering an array of impressive testimonials from companies like Subway and AutoNation, the Predictive Index uses behavioral science to assess workplace behaviors and on-the-job performance. The test takes only 10 minutes to complete, so isn’t too onerous for recruiters suffering from assessment fatigue.

Best for: Employers who want fast insights into a candidate’s natural motivations and drivers.

10) Traitify's Personality API

Created by an in-house team of psychologists, Traitify offers a unique set of fun visual assessments to help you uncover personality types and traits. Each assessment is comprised of a selection of images that require you to simply answer ‘me’ or ‘not me’. Scientifically backed and user-focused, the assessments take just 2 minutes to complete. The results are instant so no waiting for long reports. And if you need help figuring out how to apply the data, Tratify offers some nifty analytics tools.

Best for: Any hiring pro who wants easy, instant insights on a job candidate's true personality.

11) Indeed Assessments

If you're still thinking of Indeed as a mere job board, think again. In addition to their awesome job search and growing library of company reviews, Indeed now offers a powerful new screening tool. Indeed Assessments include over 50 out-of-the-box tests to help hiring teams screen for their highest priority on-the-job skills and execute fast, efficient screening with candidates in less than 5 minutes. With Indeed Assessments, you can get the skills-heavy stuff out of the way fast so you can get back to focusing on the deeper, personality-based aspects that make a perfect fit.

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